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Clutch Repair

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Clutches operate behind the scenes in many transmissions, including automatics, but the word clutch typically refers to the component that connects and disconnects the engine’s rotating crankshaft to a traditional manual transmission. It disconnects when the driver depresses the clutch pedal, selects a gear using the stick shift and re-engages when the pedal is released.

Because the clutch disk is stationary when the transmission is put into First gear or Reverse, it withstands tremendous initial friction when it contacts the engine’s spinning flywheel, moving the car forward. It’s typical for a clutch to require replacement at least once in the car’s lifetime, depending on one’s driving style. Clutch failure can also involve the mechanical or hydraulic connection between the pedal and the transmission.


Bombay motor works is a one stop solution for all your car care needs. It takes care of end to end car solutions in Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai and Thane. Be it a periodic car service, car spa, dent removal or any specific problem- Bombay Motor Works has you covered.

  • Savings of up to 40% on your car services as compared to authorised workshops
  • Curated & Reputed workshop partner network possessing all manufacturer recommended equipment’s and infrastructure, ensuring the best quality work at a reasonable price
  • A dedicated personal concierge to supervise the work being done at our partner workshop, Ensure quality & to assist you at any point of time on all matters.
  • Free pick up-drop facility & Live tracking of the work being done on your car in real time
  • Use of genuine oem spares recommended by car manufacturers
  • Return of old spare parts for customer verification


How do I book a service?

You can book a service on demo.bombaymotorworks through the website, app or via a phone call to our helpline number 18002124606. It is a simple 3 step process in which you enter your car model, pick the service that you require and enter your location. Know the cost even before you book a car service.

Where does my car get serviced?

All services are carried out at demo.bombaymotorworks partner workshops. All partner workshops under demo.bombaymotorworks are well reputed, thoroughly validated & possess all necessary equipment & infrastructure in accordance with manufacture recommended specifications.