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Brake Pad & Brake Disc Repair


Antilock braking system is an enhanced braking system that monitors individual wheel rotation and prevents the wheels from locking up while stopping. Locked wheels provide inefficient braking and sacrifice directional control, so ABS shortens stopping distances in most conditions and allows the driver to steer even when panic braking. The federal government began requiring ABS on all new cars starting with the 2012 model year. Pulsation in the brake pedal can startle the uninitiated, but it is a sign of the ABS properly doing its job.

In structure, ABS is similar to a conventional braking system, but its components may need repair, starting with electronic wheel sensors at each wheel or at the differential, the computer brain called the control module, and a valve assembly and pump.

In power brake systems, which are found on virtually all vehicles, the brake booster is a component that multiplies the force the driver applies to the brake pedal. If the booster fails, excessive pedal force will be required to achieve adequate braking.

Most brake boosters run on a vacuum produced by the engine. The cause of booster failure can be as simple as a loose vacuum hose or a ruptured diaphragm that requires component replacement.


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  • Free pick up-drop facility & Live tracking of the work being done on your car in real-time
  • Use of genuine OEM spares recommended by car manufacturers
  • Return of old spare parts for customer verification


How do I book a service?

You can book a service on demo.bombaymotorworks through the website, app or via a phone call to our helpline number 18002124606. It is a simple 3 step process in which you enter your car model, pick the service that you require and enter your location. Know the cost even before you book a car service.

Where does my car get serviced?

All services are carried out at demo.bombaymotorworks partner workshops. All partner workshops under demo.bombaymotorworks are well reputed, thoroughly validated & possess all necessary equipment & infrastructure in accordance with manufacture recommended specifications.